Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lacquistry A friggin circus

Well I guess everyone allready knows that Indie polish is the new it-thing in the nail polish world :). And I couldn't be happier! It is so much fun to browse around  and see all these hand made polishes that look just awesome. Today I'm wearing the beautiful A friggin circus from Lacquistry!

This is two coats over Zoya Lo which is your standard pink creme. And let me just say HALLELULJAH!! This is just pure perfection!! The formula is impeccable and the glitter is so shiny and reflective which makes this polish so special. The base is slightly pink tinted and the glitters are different sized and shapes of hexagons. Similar to the infamous Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday but this polish does not contain the smaller glitter, which is not a bad thing in my opinion! I love this so polish so much and can imagine a ton of awesome layering opinions.

And like I said I really like the new trend with Indie/home made polishes. I've tried a few polishes so far from different "brands" and two things they have in common is formula perfection, some of the best I've ever tried and orginality of course! It's refreshing to see these original polishes compared to all the same, same we see in all the bigger brands.

You can purchase Lacquistry polish on Etsy 

What do you think of A friggin circus? Have you tried "Indie-polish" yet? What is your opinion about this new trend?



  1. Roligt! Och faktiskt väldigt fint över rosa.

  2. det ser jäkligt kul ut alla fall! :D

  3. Vilken bra nagelblogg :) Jättefina blider verkligen! Har några frågor och undrar om du kan tipsa! Hur får du kanten vid nagelbandet så fin? Och vad använder du för topplack? Det ser alltid så perfekt ut!

  4. Nailtastic. Ja det blir verkligen barnkalas-naglar på högsta nivå vilket är helt i min smak :)

    The coupon barbie. Thanx! I like it :)

    Sminkan. Hehe, japp! Man blir glad av en sån här manikyr!

    Ida. Tack så hemskt mycket! Jag fuskar nästan alltid med att doppa en platt pensel (typ ögonbrynspensel) i lite aceton och "städa upp" runt nagelbanden. Annars är väl bästa tipset en stadig hand och övning ger färdighet! :) Jag använder lite olika topplack men min favorit är definitvt Seche Vite. Ger schysst glans och torkar på nolltid!