Friday, January 27, 2012

Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver + L.A Girl Unhibited

Yes, well I am ashamed how little attention I've been giving this blog lately.. I have no idea why really, could be just lack of inspiration! Anyways, here is a little combo I did last week that I really liked. It is Nicole by OPI - My Lifesaver and L.A Girl Unhibited.

This is two coats of My Lifesaver and one thin coat of Unhibited. I absolutly love My Lifesaver!! I know it's been featured here on the blog before, but I feel it needs another mention :). It's seriously one of my most worn polishes, and I start to think I need a backup of this. And why you ask? Many people would probably say it's nothing special, just another mint green polish. But I couldn't disagree more! For starters, the formula is perfection and it's non-streaky and opaque in two coats which is really rare for colors like this I think. And the color is just perfect! Super bright, creamy mint green with lots of blue undertones. I love it :). And I really like the combo with Unhibited aswell! I love to layer this black glitter over bright colors, it makes the black really stand out. But the application takes a while to get use to though.. You really need to get rid of a lot of excess glitter on the brush before applying it, or you'll end up with way to much glitter on the nail.

What do you think of this combination?



  1. Unhibited blev sjukt snygg över turkost!

  2. Helga. Tack! Älskar kombinationen av svart och turkos.

    Nailtastic. Eller hur!