Thursday, November 24, 2011

KleanColor Cobalt + China Glaze Treasure Chest

I'd been wanting to try out KleanColor Cobalt for a while but somehow it stayed in my box of untrieds for months. Too bad cause it is such a beautiful color! Here it is paired up with the gold glitter Treasure Chest from China Glaze.
This is two coats of Cobalt and I just dotted on Treasure Chest around the cuticles. I LOVE Cobalt!! It is the perfect blue shade, so pretty! It's like it's almost metallic but without any micro glitter or something similar that usually comes with metallic polishes. The depth and the glow reminds me of the China Glaze Retro Diva collection that had a lot of similar polishes (which I need to get more of btw..). The color, finish and formula is perfect on this one but the drying time is not. I used Poshe top coat for this one but I had to be careful for at least one hour and still I got some dents. I've experienced this with a bunch of the KleanColors I've tried, too bad! But hey, that's just something you have to live with if the end result is this gorgeous!! And Treasure Chest is one of my favourite gold glitters right now. It's fairly opaque and consists of smaller and larger hexagons which creates a beautiful combination. It is also a pure slightly cold toned gold glitter, which I really like!

Sadly my long healthy nails are gone now.. They got too long for me I guess and ended up breaking one after one so I had to file them all down. But I'm really surprised how they managed to stay this long for almost four months!! I can totally say it's all thanks to OPI Nail Envy that I started using at the end of the summer. They got long and stayed hard and flexible without breaking and that has never happened before! Maybe for a week or two, but I always got peeling and breaks on some of the nails anyway. I really enjoyed having longer nails too, it looks great with shimmers, multichromes and holos! But I'm optimistic and have ordered a new bottle of Nail Envy to start all over again :).

What do you think of this combination? Any experience of long drying time with KleanColor?



  1. Vilken himla härlig blå! Den ser helt fantastisk ut!

  2. Det var inte dåligt att hålla naglarna långa i fyra månader. Min naglar går alltid av när de väl blivit långa, vilket Nail envy använder du?

  3. Annie. Ja! Du måste prova den, den är fantastisk!

    Sussie. Nej jag vet, har aldrig lyckats med det förut! Jadu det är nog den som är original? Det står bara Natural Nail Envy på flaskan..

  4. No, since I don't own any Kleancolor yet :)
    But I think this is a great combo, the Treasure chest is amazing :)

    I hope you don't mind me posting a link here, I just wanted to invite you to join my first nail polish giveaway :)