Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nubar Purple Rain

Ahh I'm just stopping by so you don't forget my existance completly, haha :).. Just as I predicted, my life is super busy right now and my nails are a really sad story :(. But today I thought I'd show you a mani I did a while ago, including Nubar Purple Rain!
This is two coats of William tell me about OPI, one of my favourite vampy cremes! I love it cause it's formula perfection, nice and smooth in just two coats and the shine is awesome! It has a lot of brown undertones which I really like. And I used Nubar Purple Rain as accent in this mani, just one coat over wtmao. It's a deep purple glitter with tiny pink and holographic particles in a plum jelly base. I love it so much!! I've tried it on its own too but I actually prefer it layered over a darker color like this cause it makes the finish a lot smoother. If you don't own Purple Rain yet, be sure to get it!! You won't be sorry, I promise :).

My nails are really sad today, I haven't had the time to change my mani since last week so it's super chipped and it looks really bad haha... But my nails are actually pretty strong underneath! And I'm going to give all the credit to OPI Nail envy! I've used it for almost a month now and my nails are growing a lot longer without breaking. It's the first time I've ever experienced a difference using a nail treatment! BUT I have to shout out a bit of a warning. I used it as base coat for a mani with Orly Frisky, which is a awesome polish btw, but my nails stained so bad!! I've never seen anything like it, they were literally green and blue all over!! So now I use Nail envy with Nubar Foundation on top to prevent further staining.

What do you think of Purple Rain? Have you tried Nail Envy or another nail treatment that really made a difference?



  1. Gillar Purple Rain, äger tyvärr inte en ända nubar än.. Jag kör oxå på OPI Nail Envy och tycker det är super! :)

  2. Helga. It's super, I love it!

    Nail Polish Pleasure. Oj då säger jag att du måste prova Nubar!! De har fantastiska färger och helt grym formula! Ja jag är också jättenöjd med Nail Envy, den är kanon :)