Sunday, July 17, 2011

Models Own Grace Green

Green is usually not my first choice of color but lately I've been more and more drawn to all different kinds of green shades. Funny how things can change :)! This is Models Own Grace Green
This is two coats with top coat. Grace Green is a dusty light green with excellent qualities! The formula is great and it covers nicely in two coats which is always a big plus for me. It has some grey undertones which makes it a great match with my skintone. Yay for cooltoned greens! Dusty colors isn't always my first choice cause it easily gets boring, but some colors like green and blue (hey For Audrey!) looks great in dusty versions.

What do you think of Grace Green? Do you like dusty colors?



  1. Mycket fint! Just dammiga gröna är så vilsamma för ögonen. Kan vara skönt att varva med.

  2. beautiful color, I wish I could find a dupe in one of the brands available here

  3. Den här tycker jag är jättevacker. Jag gillar dammiga färger i många fall.