Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orly Royal Navy

I guess many of you recognize this scenario: you've seen a cool polish on a blog somewhere and everyone says it's so beautiful and you have to try it! Then you debate with yourself whether or not you actually need that specific polish and if you will really like it as much as the others do. It goes in and out of your Shopping-bag, perhaps for months until you finally decide to let it stay there. Orly Royal Navy is one of those for me! :)

This is three coats with top coat, and I should add right away that the VNL is not at all visible in real life but it insists on showing up in the pictures.. So am I glad I finally got Royal Navy? Absolutly! It's a medium blue jelly with just a hint of sparkle trapped inside, which you can see in the second picture. The formula is typical jelly, a bit glueish and streaky but definitly not the worst kind. And it's all worth it anyway cause it has that depth and shine you can only get out of a true jelly. Love it :)

What do you think of Royal Navy?



  1. I love it, it's one of my favorite blue polishes! <3 Love your pics, soooo glossy!

  2. Har sett detta många gånger och lika många gånger tänkt att jag borde skaffa det. Dina bilder gör mig ännu mer sugen. Nu har jag beställt en del lack men nästa omgång kanske detta åker med. Älskar finishen.

  3. Färgen är fantastiskt vacker, men jag tyckte formulan var vansinnigt rinnig. Det blev inte den favoriten jag trodde att det skulle bli.

  4. Blu11. It's beautiful, and thank you!

    Pamsan. Haha ja det är ett sånt lack som man vill ha för att alla andra har det ;). Men snyggt är det!

    Nailtastic. Jag upplevde den inte som särskilt rinnig, mer som lite klistrig?

  5. Fint men än har köpsuget inte infunnit sig.

  6. What a beautiful color! I think your post just got that polish on my wishlish :-) thank you. I'll keep updated from here. Cheers

  7. This is one of the prettiest nail polishes I've ever had on my tips, and my best blue polish. I've never liked blue polishes, but this one started a whole new blue polish love trend in my life :) It's awesome.