Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Orly Fancy Fuchsia

Hmm.. My last day at work were supposed to be this Monday, but somehow I ended up saying yes to work until Thursday. You can't say no to money, right? :) But on Thursday I'm definitly taking well earned summer vacation, wohoo! It all starts whith Midsummers eve on Friday which means Champagne, tons of traditional Swedish food and party all night long! Perhaps I will be wearing Orly Fancy Fuchsia...
This is three coats with top coat. I can't say how much I L O V E this polish!! It is in-your-face-Barbie-pink-borderline-neon-pink, and it's a color I've had on my mind for a long time but it was never right - until now! I think it has some neon pigments in it though, cause it dries kind of satin. Sadly the brightness was just impossible to capture with my camera, too bad! 

And for some trivia, this picture is taken under my new Ott-lite that I got for my birthday a few weeks ago. I've been wanting one ever since I saw one IRL at my aunt's. She's using it for crafting and stuff and I was really impressed by how great it was! The one I got is portable and quite small, but it lights up the whole room and makes it so much more comfortable for the eyes. I know they're pretty expensive but I can truly recommend it if you like me easily get tired under poor light.

What do you think of Fancy Fuchsia? What do you think of daylight-lamps?



  1. This color is so pretty and now I wish I could go to a midsummer's eve party! I also really want an Ott lamp. My apartment doesn't have enough lighting and it gets really dark and dingy in the winter. :(

  2. Jag är också helt galen i Fancy Fuchsia! Det är verkligen chockerande snyggt! :-D

  3. It does look like a Barbie pink! I don't see how it is Fuchsia. As always your application is flawless!

  4. so pretty!

    new follower here.

    i hope u get to visit my blog too


  5. Ilove your blog and wanted to pass on some awards. http://polished-men.blogspot.com/2011/07/chrissy-of-nail-utopia-gave-me-these.html