Friday, October 29, 2010

just one more tiny haul

Yes, I have another haul today. Here it goes!

China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada, Yellow polka dot bikini & Sun worshiper

Orly Teeny Bikini, China Glaze Custom Kicks & Thunderbird
Sorry for the bad lighting! Now I have almost the entire Poolside collection from China glaze. I'm just missing Towel boy toy and for a good reason, i'm not so keen on the color! Love, love, love these neons!! They are in your face and just amazing! I think i'm going to do Sun worshiper as my mani today :). Later tonight i'm going to my friends house to do her nails, and she is going to FLIP when she sees Sun worshiper! Haha!

Teeny Bikini is an awesome superbright red, this is going to be a perfect pedi color!

Custom Kicks is allready a classic with the golden shimmer, perfect cheer up color for boring autumn days!

Thunderbird is from the Retro Diva collection. I allready have Short And Sassy and Let's groove, and I love the glow and shimmer in these colors!

And also apologies for my sometimes awful spelling. I noticed that I spelled cream instead of creme. I'm not sure if you actually could spell it both ways, but now when I think about it, cream - as in whipped cream and creme as in creme de la menthe. And now i'm rambling. Sorry :)

I'm going to swatch my Poolside haul soon and also the Nubar Chocolate Truffels collection that came in the mail yesterday! Ihh. I'm in nailpolish heaven right now. Awesome!

Have a supernice weekend!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Midnight Kiss

I swatched a few of my newcomers yesterday, and I wanted to show you China Glaze Midnight Kiss from the winter/holiday collection Tis the season to be naughty and nice. And seriously that name just sucks. Yuck!

Sorry about my glitterish finger there. I did some cleaning up and the microglitter was everywhere! This is a light gold foil with tiny, tiny microglitter that really sparkles. I like it because it's a cooler shade of gold, but i'm not sure I'd use this for a full mani. It's just something about the microglitter foil thing. As I said before, love to use this for konad or maybe toghether with something else. But on its own.. I don't know! I'm sort of easing in to foils and microglitters, i'm a cream girl! Haha.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

teal teal teal

Ok, so I had som trouble choosing which polish I would use for my mani today, but i finally went with OPI Ski teal we drop.

One of my cats, Betty decided to be in one of the pictures with her little paws. :) This polish is an absolutley beautiful teal cream and it applied like heaven! I very much like OPIs formula and their brush is amazing. I think everyone should have a teal cream in their stash, and I'm so happy that I finally have this beauty!

Right now, my dad is in the next room watching fishing videos on youtube and reading fishing-blogs because fishing is his big hobby. And i'm sitting here, blogging about nailpolish. LOL. Two nerds with different hobbies, nice! ;)

And as the addict I am, I have a confession to make. Despite this major haul today and two more hauls on the way, I ordered the entire Nubar Chocolate Truffels collection from Nailshop today. Ok. I have a problem. BUT COME ON!! It was on sale :). So then it's ok, right? ;)


don't tell my mother...

About what, you say? oh well just a little something.. ;)


China glaze Little Drummer Boy, Party Hearty & Midnight Kiss

Essie Angora Cardi & In Stitches
Color Club Uptown Girl
OPI Ski teal we drop
Seche Vite & OPI Top Coat
Wohoo! I got these from Transdesign and this time I had to wait for about 12days which is very long, usually it takes around 7days. But it was all worth it and i'm very happy! I'm excited about all of them and I have no idea which one i'm gonna swatch first, lol!

And here's some thoughts of them all individually!

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy - I love dark navy blue polishes and this appears to have a lovely shimmer!

China Glaze Party Hearty - When I first saw the promo pics of this I thought it was a dupe for Lippman Collection Happy Birthday, but that's clearly not the case. It is however beautiful and I'm going to do a lot of layering with this one!

China Glaze Midnight Kiss - A lovely light gold foil. I have China Glaze 2030 allready but I believe this is a tad lighter and I will use it for Konad and toghether with purple (LOVE gold and purple)

Essie Angora Cardi - Dusty purple, almost mauve. Love these kind of dusty colors that is classic and sofisticated but still has a modern feel to it. Love Essies formula also and the wear is impeccable.

Essie In Stitches - Dusty rose polish, will look fab with everything. A classic!

Color Club Uptown Girl - Again a dusty purple (lol), but this is more a cool toned purple. I don't own many Color Clubs because I'm not so keen on their formula, it's usually very thin! But I'm not the person to give up so i'm willing to give them a second chance with Uptown Girl :)

OPI Ski teal we drop - Lovely teal blue cream. I love teal but this is my first nailpolish in this color, exciting! Also, my mother is crazy about teal. She has at least 20 teal sweaters, haha. So she is going to demand this on her nails!

Seche Vite & OPI Top coat - Seche Vite is a must have. If you don't have it, BUY IT NOW!! It changes everything, supershiny finish and it dries faster than you can imagine. I like to use OPI Top Coat underneat SV to prevent shrinking and it also improves wear significantly.

Oh dear, now i'm almost too beat to do swatching. OR NOT! I'm going to start right away, haha.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holo madness!

I absolutley love holos and the stronger the better! I have many lemmings from the China Glaze OMG collection but I have yet to find them.. Anyway, when I first saw pictures of the Nfu Oh holos I could not belive how beautiful they looked! It took a while to hunt them down and they were all out of stock except nr 62, which is an amazing beige holo!

Nfu Oh 62

Although it is infact beige, it's NOT a subtle color to wear. It just sparkles and shines in all the rainbows colors! What I love about the Nfu Oh holos is that they maintain the holographic effect even in lower lightning. I used Seche vite over this just because I like the feel of it and also to improve wear. Some say that top coat ruins the holo effect but personally I can't see any difference. I took these pictures with and without flash, because the sun is totally M.I.A here, but I think I managed to get the amazing effect of the holo and also the lovely beige color!

I use this with the Nfu Oh Aqua Base as recommended and the application is flawless. I tried it with my usual Orly Bonder base coat but it applied streaky and uneaven so I truly recommend Aqua base. I also use Aqua base with metallic polishes that tend to apply streaky and I find it better than normal base coat. 

I ordered this from Viis and they just restocked their Nfu Oh holos so i'm waiting for nr 61 and 63 to arrive! Ihhh!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

the first NOTD

Today I'm wearing China Glaze Let's Groove and it's one of my favourite purple nailpolishes. You've probably seen it before but it can't be said too many times - if you like purple, you must have this!

Sorry for the bad picture, but it's pooring down outside and it probably will for the next decade or so! Anyway, Let's Groove is ridicolously shiny even without topcoat, although I always go with Seche Vite or Poshe top coat because i'm to lazy to wait for it to dry. It is quite dark indoors but outside it just glows, and I love it!

Purple polish always make me think of my uncles wifes sister (did you keep up?). I worked for her as an au pair a few years back and she never wore anything but dark purple nailpolish. Different shades of course, but always purple! I could never do that because I get boored with the same color after a day or two. But we are all different, and I think I have to introduce Let's groove to her asap!



Oh well, so this is my first post and I actually feel kind of nervous, haha.
So who am I?
I'm Isabella, 23 years old from Sweden who fell in love with nailpolish this year and after reading nailblogs for a few months I decided to create my own blog! English is obviously not my native language so please ignore spelling and screwed up scentenses.

This blog is going to be about posting NOTDs and everything else I love about nailpolish and occasionally some other stuff from my fairly simple life!

I have a rather split personality and that definitley shows in my nailpolish stash, it's everything from super bright neons to subtle "mom-colors". The only thing that you probably never going to see in this blog are sheers and polishes that are duochrome, foil and metallic at the same time! I like duochromes, foils and metallics when they are by themselfes but all in one? No thanks!

Anyways, that's it for now!